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This is how you get best results with Tanrevel

This is how you get best results with Tanrevel
11 August, 2020 christian
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Remember this if you want to make sure to get the best result possible (and colour) from your Tanrevel

1. Make sure that your machine is fully charged

Low battery level can reduce the pressure in your Tanrevel-machine negatively. You will notice the difference when it’s fully charged! It takes about two hours to load the battery from empty to full.

2.Exfoliate your skin before using.

Before using Tanrevel we recommend that you exfoliate your skin. The colour will be applied better and the results will get more even. Apply Tanrevel on a dry skin after you’ve exfoliated it before using other skincare products.

3. Use the right products

Oil-based products creates a layer on your skin that prevents the colour to stick so avoid these type of products if you want a longer lasting tan. Also make sure that your exfoliator doesn’t contain any oil and that it removes oil-based products efficiently.

4. Spray from the right distance.

Spray from a distance of around 10-15 cm from your face. If you are longer away it gets harder for the colour to stick and if you are closer the result could become less even.

5. Spray slowly.

Use slow and even movements to make sure that the colour gets applied to your skin correct.

6.Use the right amount.

By the first use we recommend that you spray for about 2 minutes. The result will be seen in just a couple of minutes but will continue to develop over the upcoming 4-6 hours. Once the colour is fully developed you can spray for additional 1-2 minutes until you get your desired result.

7. Wait with the rest of your skincare.

For ultimate result we recommend that you don’t use any other products over Tanrevel before 4-6 hours so that the colour has been fully developed but if you don’t want to wait that long you should at least wait an hour before applying make up or other skincare products.

8. Clean the device.

If you feel like your Tanrevel is not spraying even you can try to gentle clean the opening from where the spray comes out.

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