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Free worldwide delivery 100% vegan
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How to use

How to use Tanrevel

How to use Tanrevel for best results

  1. We recommend that before the first use of Tanrevel you exfoliate your skin so that the mist can be absorbed more effectively for an even finish!
  2. Make sure your Tanrevel is fully charged and you are holding your Tanrevel vertically, 10-15cm away from your skin. This allows the molecules to disperse in a fine mist for even coverage. Close your eyes and mouth and begin to work in smooth motions. (To make sure you get the right distance, stand in front of a mirror the first time you use Tanrevel.
  3. Spray for around 2 minutes and do not move the device too fast. A slow, steady pace will ensure even coverage and a better result.
  4. Wait a couple of minutes for the formula to dry on the skin. If you would like a darker result, then repeat the process again till you are happy with your color.
  5. This fast-drying formula will build a natural-looking tan gradually over the next few hours. Re-apply to achieve an even darker skin finish.

Tip: Focus on one area at a time and do not move the appliance too quickly across the face. You will then notice a more even result

We recommend that you store your liquid in your refrigerator. Once opened, use the liquid within 8 months for best results.