Free worldwide delivery 100% vegan
Free worldwide delivery 100% vegan
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Our story

Evolution? Revolution? Solution?

We just call it Tanrevel

The future is here and it’s glowing.
//The Tanrevel Family

Our story

The story of Tanrevel is more of a journey in progress that we’re doing together with you. A journey to set the new standard for how we get ourselves safe and smart tans without compromising on the results.

Traditionally, self tanning and spray tanning devices have had a hard time to compete with a tan that comes from the sun. Bad coloring, sketchy smells and problems with colors transferring to sheets and clothes have been some of the flaws that these products have all had in common.

On the contrary, too much exposure from sunlight comes with many dangers to your skin and your overall health making tanning in the sun also not an ideal way of tanning.

There had to be a better way and in 2018 we finally found the solution. We were able to develop a product that consisted of 100% natural and vegan ingredients that not only was safe and easy to use, it also gave you a natural and even looking glow – every time!

We see this as the future way of tanning and we’re on a journey together with our customers to establish Tanrevel as the obvious way for enjoying a natural glowing skin all year round.

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